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Personal Freedoms in European Union

Personal Freedoms

Personal Freedoms of the internal market of the European Union in the light of the changing political and economic situation in Europe

Editor: Edyta Krzysztofik
ISBN: 97833947170074
Seiten: 250
Preis: 29,99 Euro

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Table of contents

I The right to migration as a fundamental right

1. Robert Grzeszczak, The Citizenship of the European Union and the Free Movement of Workers or There and Back Again

2. Decebal Manole Bogdan, The Migration of People to Europe. Between the Need for Political Asylum and a High Standard of Living

3. Magdalena Pó?torak, The Impact of Migration on the Safety of Women

4. Luigi Mariano Guzzo, The Holy See and Economic European Policies: the Reform Process of Pope Benedict and Pope Francis


II The right to migration form the perspective of the Member States

5. Ewa Tuora-Schwierskott, The Migration Experience of the States of the European Union. The Economic and Social Dimension

6. Tibor Seman, Stay of Foreigners in the Slovak Republic for Business Purposes

7. Salimya Ganiyeva, The Impact of the Turkish Migration to European Countries on Turkish Law


III The status of a migrant citizen in the European Union

8. Beata Kucia-Gu?ciora, Fiscal Status of Migrant Workers in the European Union in the Light of Polish Personal Income Tax

9. Robert Tabaszewski, Access to Health Care for Migrating Citizens in a Host State of the European Union

10. Piotr Kasprzyk, Conclusion of Marriage by a Foreigner or with a Foreigner in the Context of the New Act - the Civil Status Act (Contribution to the Discussion)

11. W?odzimierz Bro?ski, Maciej Jarota, Mediation as an Amicable Way of Settlement in Individual Disputes in Labour Law


IV Restrictions on residence rights of migrant citizens

12. Agnieszka Knade-Plaskacz, Abuse of Rights in the Context of Free Movement of Citizens of the Union and Their Family Members

13. Carmen Parra, Restrictions on the Free Movement of Workers in the EU in the PresentTime

14. Viktoriya Serzhanova, Jan Plis, The Protection of National Heritage as a Restricting Premise of the Freedoms of the EU Internal Market



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